Going through a rough patch

2010-08-10, 10:08 p.m.

Life is not easy... right no one claims it is but i still want to say it.
on the surface all is great got a job (many dont) got a house, beauitful wife and amazing children. does not get any better i know... so whats wrong with me then? everything is falling apart at once and i dont have the strength to fix it. i know how... i just cant find the motovation. i even tried theropy that was not a good idea i think she was trying to convince me i am suicidal. i told her i was not and i have not even thought about it... but she kept bringing it up! what the fuck i just wanted to talk thought she might have some brilliant insight or something! is that too much to ask for 300 dollars an hour??? after i spent an hour with her i was thinking about suicide.
so what can i try now? my wife tells me i should grow some balls but then she scheduls an app for me to get the ones i do have cut off! thats right along with everything else im getting nudered on monday. i am terrified but everyone else keeps acting like im being silly about it. this is just 2 days after she gave away all my beer to the neibours because she thinks im an alcholic!!! no shit! funny we still have a liquor cabnit full of hard alchol if i was an alcholic i would so be digging in! i am like alot of guys... i enjoy a few beers when i get off work... or atleast i used to.
so my wife that i love so dearly gave away my beer and is getting me nudered. no man should have to loose his beer and his balls in the same week.
drama in the workplace my boss wants me to step down because i cant handle my job. i am at work all the time so i dont see my family enough and when i do i am so stressed out and tired i am no fun.
my days are going so fast i dont know where the time goes its all a blur i dont know waht to do anymore i feel so week and i need to be strong how do i turn it around???

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