2010-08-10, 8:59 p.m.

Is there anyone out there? Does anyone care? I keep hearing things and reading things telling me ethics are important and we here are kroger care about our employees! But to be honest I have not seen it here. I am an employee at the Jackson Hole Smith's #184, and honestly I doubt this will do any good because well I know I am not the first or only employee at this store who has had issues with the management here. But nothing is ever done, nothing ever changes. Anyhow myself would like to enjoy my job as I once did so it is worth a shot to at least try.
I know more then half the people in this world probaby think their boss is an asshole... but I have been in this buisness for a long time and I have had alot of bosses. None like this guy, his ruthless careless attitude about people and their lives. His own better then everyone else attitude or as I have heard it put by some other co-workers "god complex" best discribes him. He might even be barable if he was even a little fair, but he is not. He is extremely inconsistant with managing people, meaning he treats people differant depending on how he feels about them personally. I have seen many times how unfair he can be with those he does not like and it makes me sick. I am not even talking about myself... I'm just a fly on the wall most of the time but I think many are afraid to stand up to him because he can and will retaleate. Seen that many times also. I can go on all day and give hundreds of examples of his poor and unfair buisness ethics but I will not. I just want to see something done. It might not be so bad if it was just the store manager himself but the assistant is believe it or not... even worse then he is. In the past we have had some pretty good assistant managers that acted as buffers from Joe and tried to keep morale up. This Adam is the worst type to have teamed up with a guy like Joe, he seems to cause even more waves then Joe does. I did not think that was possible until i saw it with my own eyes, he is just like Joe only worse. Please do something about theese two, calm them down for our sake please. I am not asking anyone to take my word for it people can say anything i know that. So I invite you... whoever you are come see for yourself watch the employees and the managers, talk to people check the vibes. Maybe I am wrong though I doubt it.
On a bit of a side note I know what a big deal customer service is I have been to the meetings and watched all the videos. Funny how our 2 managers are probably some of the worst at customer service. Joe spends most of his day in his office, and Adam most of his in the backroom talking. Witch is probably better for the store because when they are on the floor they walk aroud grumpy looking at the floor not saying hi to anyone and wondering why our customer service scores are low. How can they not see they are a big part of the problem? I have on more then one occasion seen Adam talking to a vendor or another employee near the checkouts while the lines are backing up pretending he does not see it. There is some great leadership for you!

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