My night out turned sour.

2002-03-04, 5:08 a.m.

I need to be quick because I am supposed to be getting ready for work.

I got in trouble yesterday for going to the club sat night. Danie was extremely jealous. I did not think she would care but I found out I was wrong. She is mad because I never want to do anything when she is not at work… but I always do something when she is at work all night. Hmmm is this true? Or is she just overreacting? I admit sometimes I like to take a break and do things without her… But I honestly don’t think I purposely went out on a day she was at work… She thinks that I am trying to replace her. That is real sad that I have her so unsure that she thinks I would actually do something stupid like that. If anyone should be replacing anyone… she should be replacing me.

It’s true I usually don’t like dancing… And it’s true I had a pretty good time the other night. But she has it beat into her head that it’s because she was not there. I am sure... I would have had just as much fun if she was there.

I will be she to try in every way possible to go out on a night when me and Danie can both go.

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