A long but real good day at work.

2002-03-19, 7:20 a.m.

I am 2 hours late for work and I don’t really care because I worked 16 hours yesterday and I did not have too. Though I am glad I did… I made over $300 in one day. Not bad.

I did not get a chance to update yesterday… wonder why. So… went to work a grave because my frozen dude messed up his knee. So I got there at 10pm, I had a big frozen load, huge grocery load, well above average specialty load and there was me, and two other guys. Good thing they are probably two of the best stockers in the company or I might have been there for more then 16 hours. We kicked ass all night but there was still too much work left to do so about 4am I called Jessica into work. She just lives up the street and has no problem coming in to work early to help me. So when she got there we worked together the rest of the day… it was so much fun and the day went buy so fast. I wish I had not ever messed around with her because now every time we work together Danie thinks we are messing around… but were not… we just have fun being friends. And if I had never kissed her we could enjoy being friends without making my girlfriend jealous. Danie don’t want me to work with her any more but that will be hard because well she works in my department 2 day a week. Not to mention we like working together and its totally innocent. She asks me my opinion on guys and personal stuff like she really trusts me, and I believe we can continue a friendship without sexual tension.

The problem lies with Danie… because she don’t believe that. After I finally got off work yesterday we had a fight because I worked and ate lunch with Jess. I eat lunch with everyone I work with even the gay guy who has a crush on me and wants to turn me gay so I can be his boyfriend. Sorry but that will never happen, though I am a little flattered. I just want Danie to understand I want to do what I want without having to worry about getting in trouble for it. I will stay faithful to her if she just trusts me. But if she keeps this shit up she is going to piss me off more and possibly drive me to do something bad… like kill someone, or sleep with someone. All I ask is that she trusts me again. Or else.

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